635 "King of the Hill" Drag Racing Engine

635 "King of the Hill" Drag Racing Engine - Steve Schmidt Racing Engines
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Excludes all Nitrous, Supercharged and Turbo Charged Engines.
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Horsepower: 1380

Engine Completely
Assembled and Dyno Tested

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Big Block Chevy

4.600 Bore X 4.750 Stroke


This drag racing engine combination is truly an engineering masterpiece. We have used the latest Pro Stock technology to develop this reliable sportsman engine. This engine package makes the most power and torque for the money spent in the market today.

We start with a Dart Big M raised cam block so we can utilize a big cam core with 4 / 7 swap firing order and fit it with a special Callies Magnum Crankshaft with Steve Schmidt profiled counter weights. The engine comes with JE / Schmidt pistons using a special Total Seal Ring Package and GRP Aluminum Rods. Our cylinder head experts have designed a special version of our 12 Degree Pro-Filer heads with the correct cross section and shape of ports to maximize the power of this combination.

We have spent countless hours on research and development and dyno time to develop. A HRE Sheet Metal 2x4 Intake Manifold with our pent-roof design is used to compliment the dynamics of our oval port 12 Degree Cylinder Heads. The engine comes with MSD Crank Trigger, Sheet metal Valve Covers, Moroso Vacuum Pump and finished off with Quick Fuel Pro-Style 1150 CFM Dominator Carburetors. We also offer a nitrous version of this engine, please call 1-800-957-7223 for details.

Our 632 "KING of the HILL" also comes with a Custom Dry-Sump Oiling System with our special Steve Schmidt Aluminum Oil Pan.

  • Dart Big M Raised Cam Block, Line Honed, Deburred, Block Trued & Decked, Bored & Honed (with torque plates), Cut for Stroke Clearance
  • Callies Magnum 4340 Crankshaft (Internally balanced Crank with Special counterweight profiles)
  • Special JE / Schmidt Pistons (using our own forging)
  • Total Seal Piston Rings
  • Clevite 77 Main and Rod Bearings
  • Comp Cams Proprietary Big Core Cam (with 4 / 7 Swap Firing Order)
  • Manley Custom Titanium Valves
  • Special Jesel / Schmidt Rockers, 2" Long Angle Exhaust & Offset 1.850" Intakes
  • Schmidt Fabricated Sheet Metal Valve Covers
  • HRE 2x4 Fabricated Intake Manifold
  • 2 - Quick Fuel Pro-Style 1150 CFM Dominator Carburetors
  • GRP Aluminum Rods
  • Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets
  • Tool Steel Wrist Pins
  • Isky .937 Red Zone Pressure-Fed Lifters (Offset Intake)
  • Schmidt / 12 Degree Pro-Filer Cylinder Heads with CNC Work, Hand Finished & Proprietary Valve Job
  • Comp Cams Titanium Retainers, Steel Locks, Springs & Caps
  • Jesel +.600" Raised Cam Belt Drive
  • MSD Distributor, Spark Plug Wires, Crank Trigger & Hardware
  • Complete Stef's Dry-Sump Oiling System
  • Schmidt Aluminum Dry-Sump Oil Pan
Aluminum Block $3,650.00
Oliver Rods with Car Bolts $800.00