Moroso 4-Vane "Enhanced Design" Vacuum Pump Kit

Oiling System

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Moroso 4-Vane "Enhanced Design" Vacuum Pump Kit

4-Vane 'Enhanced Design' Vacuum Pump for Dry Sump Oiling Systems Kit. Kit includes all brackets and components to install. 4 Vane Pump Weighs 12 oz. less than "Original Style" Racing Vacuum Pump.


  • Pump is 1" shorter than original design
  • New design pulls 13.9% more vacuum
  • Achieves greater vacuum sooner
  • Rotor is keyed to shaft, eliminating fastener failure
  • Contains maintenance free precision sealed roller bearings
  • Kit includes Pump, Billet Adjustable Bracket and Special -12AN Inlet and Outlet Fittings
  • Bracket will mount to front or rear of pump and will allow 360 degree rotation before fastening for choice of inlet/outlet location
  • Mounts to motor directly or to motor plate in the same holes as "Original Syle" Moroso Vacuum Pump*

    *Note: Belt length may change depending on mounting location. New belt may be required.
Price: $1,295.00