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  • Ron Lanes Team
    Congratulations to Steve "Champ" McCrory and team owner Ron Lane on a great start to the 2015 season between the 2 of them, They have over 60,000 in winnings not to mention the Dragster & other Prizes already this year. Ron is running a 618 ci 20 Degree Steve Schmidt Competition Engine. Steve has the 584 ci version. Both Ron and Steve Received them at the start of season and have had a great Success, Congratulations to the entire team and let's not forget who keeps all this going Ron's wife Eva Lane she makes sure all this keeps going as they have a very busy schedule and she even finds time to get behind the wheel of one of the dragsters. If you're at any of the races this year stop by and talk to Steve about your engine needs. Steve is one of our distributors and would welcome your questions on your next engine or Freshen up.
  • Mark Johnson
    2nd race was a National Open. Steve Schimidt 565
  • Steve "Champ" Cory
    Steve Cory runners up at first race with new 584ci Dart 20 Degree Head Engine 1200 hp Smooth power & Torque and a one year warranty. Congratulations to Ron Lane & Steve on a great Start to 2015.
  • Ed Oplin
    Ed Oplin wins T/S and comes back at Div 7 race and wins again, he is owning that place right now. He closed out 2014 there at the div 7. race with a win in T/S, awesome job. Ed races with our 632 ci 12 Degree engine power & consistency. Congratulations
Showing items 1 - 4 of 35 total (Page 1 of 9)