MicroZol XP3 Data Sheet

Product Type
MicroZol XP3 Synthetic Racing Oil

MicroZol XP3 Synthetic Racing Oil Product Information:

  • For use in aluminum blocks and looser clearance race engines.
  • Outstanding high temperature-high shear protection.
  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels.
  • Recommended for:
    • Big Block dirt late model V-8 race engines
    • Sprint and midget race engines
    • Turbo and supercharged  engines
    • Ideal for wet sump engines and other race engines with main and rod bearing clearances over 0.0025
  • Uses advanced, proprietary lubricant technology exclusive to Joe Gibbs Performance.
  • Viscosity typical of SAE 10W-30.



Typical Physical Characteristics

Pounds per U.S. gallon at 15.6 Degrees Celsius ---- 7.08

Specific Gravity at 15.6 Degrees Celsius

ASTM D1298 0.850
Viscosity at 40 Degrees Celsius. cSt ASTM D445 70
Viscosity at 100 Degrees Celsius. cSt ASTM D445 12.0
Flash Point (PMCC), Degrees Celsius ASTM D93 189
Pour Point, Degrees Celsius ASTM D97 -54

* MicroZol XP3 can be blended and is completely compatible with MicroZol XP0, XP1 and XP2.