Engine Assembly Grease Data Sheet

Product Type
Engine Assembly Grease Grease

Engine Assembly Grease Product Information:

  • For use in engine assembly of all high performance race cars.
  • Uncompromised protection and performance.
  • Application to ring lands prevents micro welding during initial engine break-in.
  • Provides proven protection during break-in when combined with MicroZolTM BR break-in oil.
  • Dissolves completely in engine oil.
  • Used by Joe Gibbs Racing during assembly of every NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch Series engine.


Typical Physical Characteristics

Pounds per U.S. gallon at 15.6 degrees celsius
---- 9.83

Specific Gravity at 15.6 degrees celsius

ASTM D1298 1.18
Flash Point (PMCC), degrees celsius
ASTM D93 204

* Engine Assembly Grease is soluble in and completely compatible with all MicroZol engine oils.