World Land Speed Record Run

Steve Schmidt Provides Horsepower For The Spirit of DUNLOP's New Land Speed Record Run!


One Day, Two Records!

1. World Land Speed Record for Standard Production Tires. (Previous Record: 317 km/h)
2. South African Land Speed Record (Previous Record:372.4 km/h)

NEW RECORD: 388.538 km/h

Dunlop wanted to set a World Land Speed record for Standard Production Tires and break the South African Land Speed Record, as an enduring statement of the company's performance capability. This meant planning the project properly and sourcing a vehicle that could do justice to the performance of the Dunlop SP Sport 7000 D.

Shown here is the awesome 585 "Super Elvis" with 2 carbs and dry-sump. This engine was built for sustained high RPM Land Speed Record assault.

Investigations led the company to the specialist work- shops in the U.S., where nearly all the post-war World Land Speed Record vehicles have been assembled. The search led to world-respected custom designer of drag and land speed record vehicles, Mike Spitzer of Spitzer Race Cars, Indy. Spitzer, together with master engine builder Steve Schmidt of Steve Schmidt Racing (also of Indy) were commissioned to build a car around Dunlop's SP 7000 D tires; one that was capable of breaking land speed records.

Built to break records the Spirit of Dunlop is essentially all engine and tires. Race engine specialist Steve Schmidt fitted a powerful 1300 HP 585 cubic inch Big Block Chevy engine that peaked at 8900 RPM into the custom- built chassis. Fueled with Unocal C118 high-octane methanol, Spirit of Dunlop boasts some impressive specifications.

Though the finished car bore a striking resemblance to a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster, the similarity ended with the shape. Built around South African champion production car driver Grant van Swhalkwyk, Spirit of Dunlop was unique - to quote van Swhalkwyk, "This car is awesome!"

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