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  • Miller's
    Another Dominating performance by the Schmidt truck pulling division. Josie Miller taking first and Mike Miller taking second in Missouri, Congratulations. Stay tuned, more results to follow.
  • Hamilton, OH Butler County Fair Pulls
    Congratulations to Jim Holman for winning 6,200-lb Modified Four-Wheel-Drive Class in Hamilton, OH at the Butler County Fair Pull

    We had Four of our Engines Place in that class
    Jim Holman in 1st
    Gary Varner in 2nd
    Darrell Varner in 5th
    and Jim Bosch in 6th
    Congratulations to all that Placed
  • rob foster
    Rob Foster Won the 2015 DeKalb super pull
  • Al Stallings
    Bad Habit FWD

    I would like to thank Steve and all the employees at the shop. Steve Schmidt power is putting us where we need to be, at the front! Thanks for everything!

    Al Stallings & TagTeam Motorsports
  • Donny Sinkis
    American Outlaw 4x4 Super Stock

    I would like to thank everyone at Steve Schmidt Competition Engines for the unmatched power and drive ability and not to forget the longevity. Here is my accomplishments for the 2009 pulling season.

    * Northeast Wisconsin Motorsports Super Stock Points Champion
    * 10 - Super Stock Wins
    * 6 - Modified Wins

    Again, Thanks for all the support and power.

    Donny Sinkis
  • Holman Brothers
    We have competed on the NTPA Grand National Pulling circuit since 1987 and a Steve Schmidt racing engine has powered the 4 Play Chevrolet for each of those 21 seasons. The guys at SSRE provide the cutting edge technology and workmanship that has propelled us to 10 NTPA Grand National tiles.

    It takes more than horsepower to compete at this level and I cannot say enough for the reliability and level of service that SSRE provides. The 4 Play has never missed a hook on the Grand National circuit and we would not be where we are today without the guys at SSRE.

    Holman Brothers
  • Ron Green
    My Schmidt horsepower is unequalled to any engine I have ever pulled with in my 32+ years of pulling.
    The reliability is what scares the competitors when it comes to the end where you need it the most.

    Proud Schmidt Engine Owner,
    Ron Greene
    NSPA Owner/Manager
  • Simply Red Pulling Team
    Dear Steve,

    Thanks to you and your employees for excellent service and reliability. Since switching to SSRE in 2003, I have finished runner-up four years in a row in NTPA Grand National Modified 4X4 Truck Pulling. Your dedication to your customers during the season and off season is second to none.

    Thanks again,

    Rob Foster
    Simply Red Pulling Team
    SSRE 636 Alcohol Injected Engine
  • Styck It Pulling Team
    I've never been more satisfied with my motor program than I have been with Steve Schmidt. Steve is a professional, and I appreciate his honesty. Steve's very understanding about working within my budget. He informs me on what I need to do to be competitive within our FWD division, we will then talk about our options and decide what steps will be taken.

    I like the one on one relationship that I have with Steve, and knowing that I'm getting the latest technology that there is out there. My experiences with Steve and his employees have left me eager to return for any improvements or updates that I may need or want in the future.

    John Styck
    Styck It Pulling Team
  • Bad Attitude III Team
    We have been running a Steve Schmidt engine for two years and the results are incredible. In 2007 we had 13 wins in a row on our way to winning the ITPA Two Wheel Drive Championship. The horsepower, reliability, and service is unmatched in the industry. It is so simple just tell him what you want and he delivers. As long as there is a Bad Attitude III there will be a Steve Schmidt Engine leading the way.

    Thanks for all your help,
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